Micro Nectar Collector
Micro Nectar Collector

Micro Nectar Collector

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Concentrates Simplified. The Honey Straw Nectar Collector is the new way to vape concentrates because you don't need any Dabbers, Domes or Nails. All you need to do is, heat the tip and dip into concentrate in the glass tray that is included. Smoothest concentrate hit there is, not harsh like a traditional nail so you can take huge hit. Above all, it's convenient because it's portable.

  • 5 pcs Nectar Collector
  • 10 MM Female Joints
  • Spill Proof Design
  • Diffused Water Chamber
  • Clear Glass
  • 10 MM Titanium Tip Included
  • Glass Dish Included
  • 10 MM Quartz Tip Included


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